The Next Generation of Human Communication

Real Avatar Incorporated will soon be launching a Social Media Application called “Real Avatar,” which will allow the millions of social media users to make head-only Avatars of themselves to send out and receive messages. People can type in text or speak into their smart phones and have their digital duplicate head speak their message to friends. The social media users will have the option to send their own Avatar heads to deliver short messages in multiple language to all their friends and followers or just one person.

The “Real Avatar” will give people the capability to see and hear each other for any and all purposes. It applies to business, education, socializing, games, wellness, entertainment and basically all of the areas now covered by phone conversations, video conferencing, and broadcasting. The Real Avatar Technology can seamlessly integrate with existing technology being used on all social media platforms. An important use will be for telecommuting, changing business paradigms for owners, workers and customers. The “Real Avatar” is going to be far beyond any current social media application and it will have a huge impact on making the environment more green by reducing the need for people to travel.

Although born in the video game sector, Avatars, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will now spill into social media, commerce and mass communication sectors. We will be able to improve the way people communicate with each other and enjoy experiences together. People will change the way they shop, participate in activities and educate themselves. The resulting market size and revenue potentials will dwarf the current video game sector. Ad Sales and Marketing as we know it will change and we will lead the way.

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