Operation Fitness is an international organization designed to combat the increased obesity and inactivity of children

The goal of OPERATION FITNESS™ is to promote health and fitness through education and awareness by establishing various services that will ease children and teenagers into a daily exercise routine, and good eating habits, and allow them to create a generally healthy lifestyle.

A 32-week program broken down into 8-week cycles and offered on four different fitness levels, OPERATION FITNESS™ shows young participants how to integrate health and fitness routines into their everyday lives.  The program is designed to increase motivation and improve self-esteem in a dynamic “kid-powered way,” and is supported by our in-depth website that provides child-oriented fitness updates and essential nutrition guidelines for children wanting to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.



OPERATION FITNESS™ Kids Fitness program was developed to give children an opportunity to increase activity levels, develop leadership qualities, enhance self-esteem, improve social skills and learn how to be team players.  Through the combination of sports specific & agility training, self defense, obstacle course challenges, and gym etiquette, kids will become healthier, stronger, more confident and learn lifelong healthy eating habits.

Michael has also expanded OPERATION FITNESS™ to include TEEN FITNESS, ”Empowering Teenage Girls to Achieve Healthier Lives.” This program is based on an innovative technique combining Pilates, yoga, weight training, cardiovascular conditioning and stretching, along with a complete nutrition program based on each young woman’s particular needs.  Understanding the pressures faced by teenage girls every day, this program is intended to guide our teenagers toward achieving optimal physical, mental, and emotional health by doing away with inactivity and obesity through permanent lifestyle change.

And finally, Michael has introduced an exciting PARENT/CHILD PARTICIPATION PROGRAM that involves Moms and Dads in getting their infants and toddlers started on a fitness program almost from the crib!  Michael will show you how to enhance your child’s natural development (from 3 months to 4 years of age) through creative, interactive fun and fitness.  The focus is on sensory-motor stimulation along with specialized equipment to build your child’s body, self-confidence and strong sense of spirit.

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